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The Benefits of Practicing with a Weighted Basketball [ARTICLE]

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A weighted basketball, sometimes called a heavy ball, is a basketball that is regulation size (29.50 inches in circumference) but weighs 3 pounds...... Continue

Primary Break Drill [ARTICLE]

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Setup: Use five players and one basketball. All five players are lined up across the baseline. As soon as everyone is in place, the coach takes a shot. Player...... Continue

The Carolina Break for Middle and High School Teams [ARTICLE]

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Middle and high school basketball coaches who prefer an up-tempo style have several options when using the Carolina Break. The offense works well because you can run the options against either man-to-man or zone defenses.... Continue

Develop Your Team's Fast Break Skills With the Four-Pass Drill [ARTICLE]

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The Four-Pass Drill calls for four quick bullet passes leading to a layup without dribbling. It teaches players to run and pass the ball at top speed. Too many times, we allow players to play at 80% effort in practice, yet we expect them to...... Continue

How to Get Your Team to Play More Up-Tempo [ARTICLE]

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There are many different things coaches must focus on during basketball practice–shooting, dribbling, techniques, plays…the list goes on and on. But how often to you spend on getting your team to play more up-tempo? These drills will help to get...... Continue