Primary Break Drill [ARTICLE]

Primary Break Drill

By: Ryan Goodson

Originally Published - Basketball Essentials


• Use five players and one basketball.

• All five players are lined up across the baseline.

• As soon as everyone is in place, the coach takes a shot.

• Player 4 rebounds the basketball and makes a pass to player 1. Player 4 then runs the floor to the opposite three-point arc.

• Player 1 advances the basketball up the court either by pass or dribble.

• Players 2 and 3 run wide and up each sideline to the corner and outside the three-point line.

• Player 5 runs directly to the rim and looks for the basketball and an easy basket.


1. When the shot goes up, player 4 retrieves the rebound and outlet passes to player 1. At the same time, players 2 and 3 sprint wide up the sidelines and player 5 sprints up the middle of the court and toward the rim (figure 8.10a).

2. During the first trip up the court, player 1 will pass ahead to player 5 for the layup. After each made shot, the drill will reset and each player will line up across the base¬line again and wait for the coach to shoot the basketball.

3. The second option is to pass ahead to player 2 for the perimeter shot or drive (figure 8.10b).

4. The third option is to pass ahead to player 3 for the perimeter shot or drive (figure 8.10c).

5. The fourth option is for player 1 to dribble up the court and attack toward the basket for a layup (figure 8.10d).

6. The fifth option is for player 1 to dribble up the court and then pass to player 4, who is trailing the break, for the jump shot (figure 8.10e).

7. Players complete all five options to finish the drill.


Coaching Point

Each player should be sprinting as fast they can. To elevate the drill and to hold each player accountable, I often time the drill. Players must complete all five options within a certain time period.

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05 Sep 2017

By Human Kinetics
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