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Post Series Workout - Marvin Menzies - UNLV [VIDEO]

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Watch as Coach Marvin Menzies explains and players demonstrate this post series workout for offense and defense.... Continue

Mid Screen and Roll vs Zone Defense - Dwane Casey - Toronto Raptors [VIDEO]

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Watch as Coach Dwane Casey explains and players demonstrate adjustments in a zone defense vs mid screen and roll.... Continue

Facing Up - Big Man Skills - IMG Academy [VIDEO]

by IMG Academy on

Watch as Coach Nate Vander Sluis explains and demonstrates big man facing up skills.... Continue

Down Play - Perimeter Plays vs. Zone Defense [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

For this play to be effective inside, you need a piaymaker in the short corner, three-point spot-up shooters, and players who can read a spread floor and make good decisions. The 4 is your best post playmaker. The 1 is your most intelligent player...... Continue

Zone Offense Concepts [ARTICLE]

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Over the course of my coaching career, we have worked on zone concepts rather than specific plays. When utilizing these concepts, our program's specific objectives for the season were to get easy baskets; get inside to secure second shots at the...... Continue

Perimeter Plays vs Zone [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

Having players in the corners forces any zone to flatten out into a 2-3 formation. The ball on the wing creates a dilemma for 5's defender. If the defender goes out to guard 2, 5 should be open for a post feed. If she stays on 5, 2 has the open shot.... Continue

Attacking the Zone [ARTICLE]


ATTACKING THE ZONE is a comprehensive book that explains our fundamental thoughts in attacking zones. As a Coach try to understand the plans of the enemy and how it thinks once you learn how the Zone thinks and what it reacts to you then can...... Continue