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4 Basketball Quickness Drills to Help You Get Faster and More Explosive on the Court [ARTICLE]

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In basketball, first-step quickness is vital to success on the court. Optimizing your first step will allow you to create separation and help you make transition plays more...... Continue

How to Prevent Common Basketball Injuries [ARTICLE]

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Injuries can happen to any athlete. They prevent you from enjoying the sport you love, decrease your performance level and sometimes end your career.... Continue

Post Series Workout - Marvin Menzies - UNLV [VIDEO]

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Watch as Coach Marvin Menzies explains and players demonstrate this post series workout for offense and defense.... Continue

Mid Screen and Roll vs Zone Defense - Dwane Casey - Toronto Raptors [VIDEO]

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Watch as Coach Dwane Casey explains and players demonstrate adjustments in a zone defense vs mid screen and roll.... Continue

Facing Up - Big Man Skills - IMG Academy [VIDEO]

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Watch as Coach Nate Vander Sluis explains and demonstrates big man facing up skills.... Continue

Improve Your Movement on the Court With These 3 Basketball Agility Drills [ARTICLE]

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Basketball requires many technical skills and a high level of athleticism. Agility is one of the key athletic attributes essential for success on the court. Basketball agility drills improve quickness...... Continue

Connective Tissue: The Key to Preventing ACL Injuries [ARTICLE]

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The anterior cruciate ligament is the last thing you want to injure. If you need ACL surgery, you have a 6- to 12-month rehabilitation period ahead of you, and you may not return with the same speed and agility you once...... Continue

Off-Season Workout for Point Guards [ARTICLE]

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To plan a successful off-season workout for point guards, you must consider the physiological and biomechanical demands of the sport. Core Conditioning: You need a strong core to maintain body composition when performing a layup or dunk, to...... Continue

Attacking the Off Season [ARTICLE]

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All of us at the amateur level have finished our season and are moving on into our off season. This is a very important part of the year. Even though your record is not currently on the line, the strides and gains that are made now will have an...... Continue

How Kentucky Basketball Players Stay Healthy During the Season [ARTICLE]

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Watch basketball at any level and you'll see athletes jumping, sprinting, and changing direction in the blink of an eye, and doing plenty of other things that are seriously demanding on the body. When you consider that players also do those...... Continue