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Post Series Workout - Marvin Menzies - UNLV [VIDEO]

by Championship Productions on

Watch as Coach Marvin Menzies explains and players demonstrate this post series workout for offense and defense.... Continue

Rebounding Drills [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

Rebounding Overload Drill - Setup: 1) Use 12 players and one basketball. 2) Five defensive players are inside the lane and seven offensive players are...... Continue

Mid Screen and Roll vs Zone Defense - Dwane Casey - Toronto Raptors [VIDEO]

by Championship Productions on

Watch as Coach Dwane Casey explains and players demonstrate adjustments in a zone defense vs mid screen and roll.... Continue

Facing Up - Big Man Skills - IMG Academy [VIDEO]

by IMG Academy on

Watch as Coach Nate Vander Sluis explains and demonstrates big man facing up skills.... Continue

Emphasizing Rebounding In Practice [ARTICLE]

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Shell Drill with 4 or 5 (Diagram 1): Objective: Defensive positioning and principles with emphasis on finishing with rebound for both defense & offense. Description: (1) Token offense passes ball around to each position, forcing defense to...... Continue

48 Rebounding Drill [ARTICLE]

by Online Basketball Drills on

Requirements: one basket, one basketball, 12 players, manager/coach - This rebounding drill requires 2 teams. - Drill requires 6 players from each team (designated here as Team A and Team B), thus a total of at least 12 players is required...... Continue

Rebounding [ARTICLE]

by Coaches Choice on

Many different theories have been advanced relating to the effective offensive and defensive rebounding. Ball possession is such an important facet of the game, it is only logical for a coach to study the various methods and approaches and teach...... Continue

5 Keys to Becoming a Great Rebounder [ARTICLE]

by Basketball HQ on

1. DESIRE - Mentality: The first thing that every great rebounder must have is the right mentality. Rebounding must be a conscious choice that you... ... Continue

3 P's of Rebounding: Women's Basketball Drills [ARTICLE]

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In addition to "Practice," there are two other "P"s that lead to success as a rebounder. Prevent. When the ball leaves the shooter's hand, create contact with your opponent with a solid box-out between your opponent and the basket. Prevent her...... Continue

3 Secrets For Increasing Your Offensive Rebound Total [ARTICLE]

by Online Basketball Drills on

When it comes to offensive rebounding, the ability to anticipate the ball coming off the rim can be just as important as length, or athleticism. That’s why I like to put my players through a series of drills that hone their offensive rebounding...... Continue