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Structuring team workouts that also focus on individual needs [ARTICLE]

by WBCA on

Every player has strengths and weakness in their game. Some players are great shooters, but lack the physical speed and strength to be great defenders. Others possess tremendous speed and explosive power, but lack the body control to be...... Continue

Finishing Drills [ARTICLE]

by Vic Sfera - Virginia Cavaliers on

One of our program's "non-negotiables", or program staples, is valuing the ball. While this certainly means that we are to be strong and sure with the ball, not turning it over, it also means getting quality shots that we should not miss. Valuing...... Continue

Ten Ways to Transform Your Players into Team Leaders [ARTICLE]

by Basketball HQ on

In addition to teaching the X’s and O’s of their sport, every coach is tasked with finding a way to transform at least a few of their athletes into leaders. Below, I share ten ways that you can do that, and I would argue that this job, if you are...... Continue

Creating Power and Balance in Women's Basketball [ARTICLE]

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As the old saying goes, "basketball is basketball." True, but there are some differences in teaching the game between men and women. The main difference is due to body structure, because in general women players do not use their hips as much...... Continue

Developing a Selfless Effort [ARTICLE]

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Selfishness is usually an idea that is focused on the offensive end of the floor - and rightly so. However, we think that defensive selfishness is just as relevant and detrimental to our overall success as a team. Some defensive players only worry...... Continue

Effective Pregame Drills to Get Your Players Ready for Game Time [ARTICLE]

by Online Basketball Drills on

These drills will help getting them ready and get them to the proper mental focus so that they can be at their best.... Continue

Accountability in Practice [ARTICLE]

by Basketball HQ on

As basketball coaches we all want to hold our players accountable in practice as well as in games both defensively and offensively. There is an old saying that “you play like you practice”. Therefore we are constantly working on trying to develop...... Continue

The Architect: How University of Michigan's Jon Sanderson Builds Better Basketball Players [ARTICLE]

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Bob Marley's “No Woman No Cry,” playing soft and mellow, floats through the speakers as members of the University of Michigan basketball team file into the weight room. It's a Thursday afternoon, just four days before a showdown against Michigan...... Continue

Iowa's Blueprint for Practice Organization [ARTICLE]

by Iowa State University Coach Lisa Bluder on

Regardless of what level we coach, we all basically have the same amount of time to prepare our team for the season. In college, we are allowed 30 practices before our first game with no more than 20 hours per week spent with our athletes...... Continue

Are You A Leader? [ARTICLE]


I try to build my success, brick by brick, and aim to get a little better every day. One of my focal points is improving my leadership. The words 'coach' and 'leader' are synonymous – so if I want to be the best coach I can be – I must continually...... Continue