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Off-Season Workout for Point Guards [ARTICLE]

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To plan a successful off-season workout for point guards, you must consider the physiological and biomechanical demands of the sport. Core Conditioning: You need a strong core to maintain body composition when performing a layup or dunk, to...... Continue

8 Keys to Becoming a Great Shooter [ARTICLE]

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1. Mental Toughness: Confidence, Has the confidence to take and make shots when open, Judges themselves on taking a good shot, not whether they made or missed the shot, Short Memory, Realizes that the only shot that matters is the next...... Continue

Attacking the Off Season [ARTICLE]

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All of us at the amateur level have finished our season and are moving on into our off season. This is a very important part of the year. Even though your record is not currently on the line, the strides and gains that are made now will have an...... Continue

Finishing the Season Strong [ARTICLE]

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With conference tournaments ramping up across the country, many coaches are trying to figure out the right way to get their respective teams to finish the season as strong as possible. This time of the year can be a grind and every team is...... Continue

The Importance of Trust [ARTICLE]

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There may not be a more crucial ingredient for success than TRUST. In basketball, trust has to be a two-way street. Players and coaches alike must trust each other on several different levels if we want to experience any kind of long-term success..... Continue

Basketball Practice Drills [ARTICLE]

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When the season is fully underway, and there are multiple games each week there is only so many hours of practice time available for your team. With these limited hours you have to find time to work on all of the different upcoming game plans...... Continue

10 Keys for Beating a Pressure Defense [ARTICLE]

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During the course of a season you are going to face teams that are looking to speed you up by using pressure. It may come in the form of a man press, zone press, or a team that simply likes to trap and gamble at different points...... Continue

3 Scoring Plays From the Backcourt [ARTICLE]

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Scoring off a play from the backcourt against pressure late in the fourth quarter is challenging. Specifically, getting the ball inbounds in this situation can be a problem for teams at all levels. To be successful, players who inbound the...... Continue

Develop an Unstoppable Crossover Dribble With Just 3 Drills [ARTICLE]

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The crossover dribble is the ultimate basketball maneuver. It's shifty, it's explosive, and when done right, it's unstoppable. In my humble opinion, at the high school level, it is the only basketball move you need. If the defender doesn't bite...... Continue

3 Keys to Success from Legendary Coach John Wooden [ARTICLE]

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Coach John Wooden is one of the most widely respected and admired coaches in history. Over a 27-year tenure at UCLA, Coach Wooden led his basketball teams to 10 national championships in 12 years (including seven in a row), a record 88-game...... Continue