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10 Characteristics of a High Character Player [ARTICLE]

by Basketball HQ on

High character players are a must for any team that has championship goals. It takes players that are willing to step up and lead and get everyone moving towards one common purpose. Players like this are invaluable to a team. Here are...... Continue

Defending Cross Screens [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

The cross screen occurs when a small guard screens for a big center or power forward low on opposite blocks. Both NBA finalists used this offensive set: Miami had Bibby screening for James, and Dallas had Kidd and others screening...... Continue

Guard-Oriented Attack [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

This set begins in a balanced format with the two guards (01 and 02) above the three-point line approximately 20 feet (6 m) apart. Two forwards (03 and 04) should set up at the free-throw line extended and...... Continue

10 Keys to Setting and Defending Screens [ARTICLE]

by Basketball HQ on

The goal of any good offense is to constantly look for ways to put the defense in a disadvantage situation where decisions have to be made. One of the easiest ways to quickly get an advantage, or a 2 on 1 situation is by setting a...... Continue

Defending the Post [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

Focus: Keeping the ball out of the middle while defending the high post. Procedure: Players begin five on five on the half court. Follow these steps: 1. A coach or one of the guards begins the drill by passing to either 03 or 04, both of whom a... Continue

Back Door Quick Hitter [ARTICLE]

by Online Basketball Drills on

Quick hitters - sometimes called "set plays"- are strategically planned and choreographed sequences designed to get open shots and score points for your team. While these plays are not typically part of your regular half court...... Continue

Timeouts and Bench Procedure [ARTICLE]

by Basketball HQ on

The bench must be totally engaged and into the game (mentally and physically). Lack of engagement is a clear indicator to the coach that the player is more concerned with themselves than the team. Being engaged sends a message to the coaches...... Continue

Shooting Off the Dribble - Lee Rose [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

One of the skills that separates good players from great players is the ability to shoot the pull-up jumper while on the move. Players who can do this have a mid-range game—a rare quality in this day of the three-point field goal. Most players can...... Continue

Defensive Closing Out Drill [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

Players begin on the half court. Split the team into two even groups. Begin with the understanding that the offensive player has the advantage because the defensive player is going to close out to the high side. Relative distance, speed, and size...... Continue

Creating a Toughness Mentality for Your Program [ARTICLE]

by Basketball HQ on

Almost every college team and basketball coach in the country talks about the word "toughness". Great teams have it and mediocre teams lack it. The question is how do these great teams attain such a high level of toughness? Do they recruit tougher...... Continue