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Three Quick-Shot Plays [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

Objective To set up your best shooter for a three-point shot or your best playmaker for a one-on-one opportunity.... Continue

3 P's of Rebounding: Women's Basketball Drills [ARTICLE]

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In addition to "Practice," there are two other "P"s that lead to success as a rebounder. Prevent. When the ball leaves the shooter's hand, create contact with your opponent with a solid box-out between your opponent and the basket. Prevent her...... Continue

Playing As the Underdog [ARTICLE]

by Jeremy Ruffin - Pensacola Christian College on

Some coaches might look at playing as an Underdog a challenge. Some coaches might look at playing as an Underdog as disrespectful. We, here at Pensacola Christian College in Pensacola, FL, have taken on the Underdog role in several games. At our...... Continue

2 Drills to Speed Up Basketball Footwork [ARTICLE]

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Basketball is a game that starts with the feet. Cutting, jumping, sliding and backpedaling all work from the ground up. Yet when we train for basketball, we typically train for whole-body performance and pay too little attention to our feet.... Continue

The Point Guard Off-Season Workout Plan [ARTICLE]

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Basketball point guards are some of the best athletes in all sports. They possess incredible speed, quickness and jumping ability, yet they have the physical strength to battle with bigger and strong defenders. To improve at this position, you...... Continue

Coaching Defensive Basketball – How to Stop a Dominant Post Scorer [ARTICLE]

by Online Basketball Drills on

One problem has plagued coaches for years – how do you defend size without size? And there is only one answer – with a double team. If you don’t have the height to defend a dynamic post scorer, you have to use the speed and mobility of your...... Continue

How to Get Your Team to Play More Up-Tempo [ARTICLE]

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There are many different things coaches must focus on during basketball practice–shooting, dribbling, techniques, plays…the list goes on and on. But how often to you spend on getting your team to play more up-tempo? These drills will help to get...... Continue

Shooting Drills from the University of New Mexico's Women's Basketball [ARTICLE]

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Yvonne Sanchez, coach of the University of New Mexico women's basketball team, emphasizes proper footwork at all times. That's why she has her players perform shooting drills that require them to be fundamentally sound. Sanchez says, "You have to...... Continue

A Unique Approach to Proper Shooting Technique [ARTICLE]

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From a pick-up game to a professional one, it's easy to see there are multiple ways to shoot a basketball. Most players believe that if they take a shot and the ball goes in, they must be shooting well enough. But with repetition and practice, any...... Continue

3 Secrets For Increasing Your Offensive Rebound Total [ARTICLE]

by Online Basketball Drills on

When it comes to offensive rebounding, the ability to anticipate the ball coming off the rim can be just as important as length, or athleticism. That’s why I like to put my players through a series of drills that hone their offensive rebounding...... Continue